Platform Series-HS-900

Laser platform 900-1


   2940nm HP 1 

Handpiece 2940nm Er:YAG fractional ablative laser
Spot size 10x10mmΦ6mm, Φ9mm, Φ1-3.4mm
Energy 7×7 pixel: 12-28mJ/MTZ9×9 pixel: 4-20mJ/MTZBeam expander: 500-2000mJZoom lens: 500-2000mJ
Pulse width 1.5ms, 2ms, 2.5ms
     1540 HP Handpiece 1540nm Er:Glass fractional laser
Energy 10×10 pixel: 30-70mJ/MTZ18×18 pixel: 5-25mJ/MTZ 
Pulse width 10ms, 15ms
     LP HP Handpiece 1064nm Long Pulse ND:YAG Laser
Pulse width 10-40ms
Repetition rate 0.5-1Hz
Energy density Φ9mm: 10-110J/cm2Φ6mm: 60-260J/cm2Φ2.2*5mm: 150-500J/cm2
        QS Handpiece 1064/532nm Q-switch ND:YAG Laser
Spot size 1-5mm
Pulse width <10ns (single pulse)
Repetition rate 1-10Hz
Max. Energy 2400mJ-4700mJ
    2940nm HP 1 Handpiece IPL SHR/EPL
Spot size 15*50mm
Wavelength 420-1200nm
Filter 420/510/560/610/640-1200nm, SHR filter
Energy 10-60 level
       x Handpiece RF Monopolar or RF Bipolar
Output power 200W
RF tip Φ18mm, Φ28mm, Φ37mm
  Operate interface 8’ true color touch screen
  Dimension 65*48*115cm (L*W*H)
  Weight 72Kgs



TUV 图标

z TUV Medical CE approved

z Handpieces interchangeable and auto-detected

z Numerous aesthetic/medical applications

z High output energy for amazing efficacy

z Smart software upgradable

zHigh patient and clinical staff satisfaction


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